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By working with Invenio Global, you will join a list of leading firms that have benefited from Invenio’s expertise in immigration, HR, payroll, and related services throughout the Cayman Islands. Chances are, however, immigration represents one of the biggest HR challenges that the Client has to deal with. With over 15 years of combined experience, our qualified and professional consultants are here to smoothly resolve any problems your face through our Cayman Immigration Services.

Cayman Immigration Law Specialists

With the growing complexity of the Immigration Law, there has never been a better time to engage a professional team to manage the relationship between all the stakeholders, the Applicant, the Client, and the Immigration Board. Right away, you are assigned an Account Manager who is your key liaison at Invenio Global. Your Account Manager is responsible for all aspects of the Cayman Immigration Services including managing and handling escalations. They are also on call (including outside of office hours if needed) to handle any problems or queries that our Clients might have. Invenio Global supports you through the full life cycle of the Immigration process (which is explained here along with a breakdown of each of the key tasks typically outsourced).

Benefits of our Cayman Immigration Services

There are many benefits of partnering with Invenio Global for Immigration Support and Services. These include:

Unparalleled Experience in Immigration

Invenio Global has handled some of the most complex Immigration challenges faced by local firms throughout the Cayman Islands. For instance, we successfully project managed the name change of a large firms ensuring the smooth transition of the firm’s staff, including all Work Permit holders, to the new company. We held a position represented on the Immigration Review Committee and had representation on the Board of CISHRP we are often called to sit on various Immigration and HR related committees.

Time and Resource Savings

By outsourcing your tasks, your HR department can focus on your core business: your people, initiatives, training, and staff retention. The time your HR staff spends at Immigration can be better spent elsewhere within your business – accordingly, we are at Immigration daily on behalf of our Clients.

Systems & Reporting

Your Work Permit applications are tracked and monitored at every stage using Invenio’s robust systems and methodology. In addition to the Immigration online system, we build a sharepoint database system which tracks all permits. You can access soft copies of your processed applications and their documentation online via our server and Microsoft teams.

At any given time, you have access to concise reports, and these can be tailored to your specfic needs at any given time.

Business Continuity

Illness, vacation, resignation, or other unforeseen reasons can often mean that you lose your Immigration knowledge base. With an outside dedicated team in place to meet your needs, your business continuity is ensured.

Cost Savings

Clients, regardless of size, find we can cater for their Immigration needs and come in under budget – all while receiving an excellent level of customer service. Another cost savings you enjoy comes from the discounts we receive through the enormous volume of Work Permit press advertising we do.

Cayman Immigration Relationship

A major advantage of outsourcing your immigration work to Invenio Global is that you leverage the excellent relationship we have developed at all levels of the Immigration Department. Working collaboratively with the key contacts and being represented on several Boards and committees means we can keep abreast of changing developments in Immigration legislation, this benefit is passed on to you in the form of concrete results. We have weekly Zoom meetings with the Immigration leadership to work through the Immigration Law transition, Covid measures etc.

A Broad Range of Immigration Services available in Cayman

Work Permit Employee Consultation

The Client assigned Account Manager will be the key point of contact for all your Immigration related matters. Via a dedicated e-mail address, all the Client employees can address their queries directly to us in a confidential manner. We would suggest 24 hours response time on all queries. During their orientation process, we provide each new employee or those who have recently commenced work with all relevant information relating to Work Permits and current Immigration Laws. All existing staff are also supported in the same way.

Your Invenio Global Account Manager is also available during business hours to answer any immediate queries; for emergencies, you can also reach your Account Manager via mobile outside of office hours and on weekends. Through past experience we’ve found that the dedicated e-mail address and support services allows your team to feel supported and informed regarding Immigration matters.

Temporary Work Permit, Work Permit Grant, and Renewal Applications

Invenio Global works with the Client to ensure all permits are submitted in a timely and professional manner. We will manage the relationship with the Business Staffing Plan Board, the Administrators, your employee and the Employment Services Unit/WORC – if applicable) to ensure all applications are smoothly processed. On behalf of the Client Invenio Global is able to advertise the roles as and when required.

Permanent Residency, Naturalisation and Caymanian Status applications

We offer a one to one consultation for senior staff members who apply for the above-mentioned designations. We manage the process from start to finish, including gathering, proofing, and assembling of all paperwork. In addition, we liaise closely with the relevant Boards and Board Secretaries to get the applications scheduled as expeditiously as possible. These services are priced separately.

Work Permit Amendment

The designated point(s) of contact at the Client discusses with the Invenio Account Manager any changes or amendments that should be made to any work permits. Invenio Global then submits the relevant documentation and works with the Immigration department to facilitate this change. We liaise with you to ensure that everyone has the relevant information and is kept up to date on the progress of all amendments.

Work Permit Cancellation

With a written instruction to cancel a Work Permit, Invenio Global processes the request and informs the relevant parties within the Immigration Department of the cancellation with a formal cancellation letter. If requested, we can also draft the release letter for the individual(s) concerned.

Work Permit Tracking

You access monthly reports via a sharepoint based Immigration tracker which holds all pertinent information relating to each work permit holder and is used for all permit types. Your assigned Invenio Global Account Manager will advise the Client two months prior to any work permit expiry dates and 2nd year payments due. For example, we will advise you at the beginning of May of all permits and payments due in the month of July. This information is circulated to key stakeholders and a follow up is made to reconcile the report and confirm any actions. We suggest a regular scheduled meeting to close out any queries on the report and to ensure effective communication between us.

Document Management

All documentation received from the Client or submitted to Immigration on behalf of the Client is retained. This ensures there is a clear and visible audit trail with regard to all communications. An authorized employee of Invenio Global collects all documentation from your offices at an agreed time and frequency for all Work Permit Applications.


On your behalf, and for every position that must be advertised, Invenio Global manages all aspects of the advertising process with the Jobs Portal including creating, preparing and posting relevant advertisements to ensure adherence to Immigration Laws and Regulations.

Passport Regularisation

Reducing your workload further, we manage the entire passport stamping function including collecting passports from the Client from your designated key contact. We advise that this should be the same person whom collects the permit application documentation from within the Client. All passports received before the allotted time, (we suggest 11am daily) are stamped and returned to the designated contact within 24 hours where possible.

Work Permit Reimbursements

On your instruction, we apply for the Work Permit to be cancelled and at the same time apply to the Immigration Finance Department for any reimbursements which are due to our client. Once we receive the funds, we advise you of the amount and reimburse accordingly.

Notary Public

A Notary Public is also on staff to handle your document certification needs.


At all times Invenio Global will ensure that any/all information revealed deemed sensitive and confidential by the Client will be treated in the strictest confidence. Invenio Global will not reveal to any third-party confidential information or use confidential information for its own benefit, without seeking and achieving prior written authorisation. All Invenio Global employees have a signed a strict confidentiality agreement, a breach of said agreement will result in immediate termination of that employee. Furthermore, we use encrypted files to ensure security and confidentiality.

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