The Offshore & Expatriate lifestyle

Commencing a career as an expatriate worker is a choice that requires measured consideration. There are numerous benefits to living and working overseas. Invenio Global has found that our candidates typically factored in the following when making their decision:


The economic drivers for moving abroad are a consistent theme for the candidates we deal with globally. A move offshore or overseas is typically based on improved personal economics. The candidates we represent usually enjoy a strong upswing in their personal finances once they have transitioned to a new role and jurisdiction.

Career progression

Whilst the financial implications of a move are a strong driver it is not the only impetus for making a move. Many people we have worked with have enjoyed moving up the ladder faster than they would have been able to do in their current location. For those not seeking a fast move up, a move overseas will bring fresh challenges and different types of clients.


Moving overseas can improve one’s quality of life. No more rainy days or train delays! When living in the Caribbean for example your weekends will be transformed into enjoying beach days, boating, watersports or weekends away to nearby islands. Each location offers different opportunities for you to explore.

Our candidates cite a better work/life balance as a major factor in persuading their friends and family to take the leap and move abroad.

Invenio Global has found that settling in does not seem to be a major issue with our candidates, the majority taking less than a year to adjust and some even feeling at home almost immediately.

Most expatriate destinations are well trodden paths in terms of people relocating, which means that many others have faced the very same questions you may be asking. Answers are readily available and online research is usually the quickest and easiest method to help you make an informed decision. Speaking to people you know who have relocated before is also invaluable. Alternatively we would be very happy for you to speak to one of our team.



For our candidates who are moving with a partner or a family we offer a strong level of support and advice where possible. Some of the key factors to think about are: work for your partner, education, transport, any potential language barriers and the cost of living. None of these are insurmountable but they need to be considered.

The Pursuit of Happiness

A move overseas will change your life. You will meet new people, experience a different culture and way of life, boost your bank balance and have more time to enjoy life with friends and loved ones.