Deputy Compliance Officer & Money Laundering Reporting Officer

USD $85K-$105K


  • Act as the named Deputy CO/MLRO and principal liaison for the jurisdictions regulatory agent/board and any other competent authority in the jurisdiction in the absence of the CO/MLRO
  • Help maintain regulatory compliance, AML/CFT, Anti-Bribery and other risk related policies and procedures
  • Aid in preparation the provision of timely and correct filing of returns to the jurisdictions regulatory agent/board
  • Aid in preparation of an annual compliance report to be submitted to the Licensee’s Board(s) and the jurisdictions regulatory agent/board
  • Inform the jurisdictions regulatory agent/board of any compliance breaches
  • Identify; measure and assess AML/CFT and compliance risks and ensure compliance with regulatory objectives
  • Help ensure that an effective AML/CFT training programme is in place and a register of all training maintained
  • Evaluate and monitor adequacy of anti-money laundering policies and procedures and internal controls to ensure full compliance with all enactments relating to AML/CFT
  • Assist in the completion of the annual MLRO reporting
  • Assist with the functional responsibility for all compliance systems and controls


  • Minimum 5 years’ experience in a senior compliance/ management role
  • Good understanding of UK and US FATCA and CRS requirements
  • Proven technical knowledge of Global (onshore and offshore) financial services products
  • Hold an relevant internationally recognised compliance qualification in accordance with AML/CFT legislation

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