Nikeeta Beri
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Finance Clerk for a top law firm

| Accounting
US$40k max plus healthcare and pension as per CI law
Undertaking specific tasks primarily assigned to Finance Clerk responsible for the Finance email box & Finance email box & Account Receivable email box & Agent Payables in the event of absence or extraordinary workloads. Where needed in the event of absence or extraordinary workloads, undertaking specific tasks assigned to the Finance Clerk.
Responsible for monitoring and ensuring emails sent to Finance email box are responded to in a timely manner (goal is to provide a response within the day it is received, but key performance indicator is to provide a response no later than 24 hours). (Also ensure that if needed, follow up with other team members or Financial Controller and Group Financial Controller where a task may be related to their responsibilities);
Bank Reconciliations for trust bank accounts for review by the Financial Controller or Group Financial Controller;
Posting incoming wires & other electronic deposits/receipts for the firm;

Preparing deposits of cheques and cash for daily banking for all the firms entities and achieving completion by the internal cut-off time of 11:30AM (includes ensuring that scanned copies of cheques received for deposit are kept and filed electronically and maintaining the relevant folder where copies are filed);

Processing the firms payment requests (Cheques / Drafts / Trust payments / Advances / Releasing APs) and ensuring timely responses to requests within internal cut-off times (9AM, 11AM, 2PM, 3:30PM);
Processing requests to settle the firms invoices and ensuring the request to transfer the funds from trust to operating accounts is given to the Financial Controller or Group Financial Controller (also includes processing of trust to trust transfers). Should be processed within internal payment cut- off times noted above;
Organize Operations related vendor invoices received on a daily basis (involves printing physical copy of invoice and keep attached to the respective vendor folder). Ensure invoices agree to and reconcile to the respective vendor statements for the month (if there is any missing invoices or statements, liaise directly with vendors to request copies). Any issues with regards to invoices received, liaise with Group Financial Controller, or CEO, or Managing Partner;
Ensure that the Operations Vendors Payable tracking master spreadsheet is updated on a daily basis (Management needs to know the total amount due to be paid to the vendors at all times);
Preparing the packages to be reviewed by the Group Financial Controller and to be approved by the CEO for the payment to be able to be processed (the Statement and copies of all invoices along with the vendor folder must be presented for review.);
Organizing payments of the approved Operations related vendor invoices (preparing cheques (or other form of payment (e.g. online payment/wire)) to be signed/processed by Financial Controller or Group Financial Controller);


Maintain filing of Operations related vendor invoices (filed chronologically in vendor folders for invoices that are to be paid (outside of folder) and that have been paid (files inside of folder));
Monitoring suspense account and unidentified trust account for the firm and keeping balances at nil;
Clearing of small balances on invoices once incoming wires/receipts are posted on a daily basis (balances only due to wire charges deducted from incoming wires received, or very small differences due to exchange differences. This requires review of the receipt.);
Processing of request to write-off WIP, once discussed with Financial Controller or Group Financial Controller;
Providing Trust Statements as requested (to be reviewed by Financial Controller or Group Financial Controller before sending);
Updating cheque log. Liaising with Financial Controller or Group Financial Controller to register new cheques in AdEx and provide reminder to order new cheques when stocks have reached minimum acceptable amounts;
Closing or reopening of matters as requested (No matter is to be closed if there is still WIP or trust balances. The person requesting this should be notified.);
When needed, to help Finance Clerk responsible for IP Billings in setting up APs and possibly setting up time entries;
Maintain the filing of payments made by cheque for finance department (cheque stubs are support are kept in filing for 6 months. Ensure that cheque stubs which are dated 7 months and older (from date of cheque) are shredded);

Receptionist – backup to the Receptionist backup when the receptionist is away from office (CEO will advise when needed;

On days where the workload is deemed to be minimum, to assist other Finance team members or other Staff;
Other general duties and tasks as assigned.
Good communication skills
Detail oriented, self-motivated individual able to work independently and as a member of a team.
Strong work ethic
Nikeeta Beri
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