Senior Account Manager, Economic Substance & Beneficial Ownership

| Financial Services
DOE to $115K USD

Our clients Fiduciary Services Department includes Corporate and Compliance Divisions.  The Senior Account Manager will be responsible for tasks related to Economic Substance and Beneficial Ownership such as:

  • Managing and coordinating the Economic Substance notification and reporting processes including individual and bulk upload CAP filings.
  • Liaising with clients regarding Economic Substance queries.
  • Communicating internally and externally within the Trident Group regarding Economic Substance.
  • Coordinating with the Corporate Team to ensure that Annual Returns are filed following submission of the Economic Substance notifications.
  • Reviewing Beneficial Ownership tasks handled by Account Managers and handling the bulk upload of Beneficial Ownership reporting files.

You will be very familiar with the Economic Substance legislation, The Beneficial Ownership Law as it relates to companies, and Limited Partnerships.

Given the senior level, a qualification in compliance or law in addition to a relevant degree will be required.  The position does not call for an attorney but someone who is legal minded with a corporate/compliance industry background would be ideal.


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