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Supply Chain Analyst

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  • Process – Responsible for supply management of a material portfolio, vendors, customers and material master data file maintenance. Follow key steps of planning cycle to manage responsibilities.
  • Responsible for planning deliveries, building full container loads and placing orders for US, Canada, France and Poland. Analyze MRP system weekly and manage supply levels. Manage and reconcile material quantity contract balances in order with established protocols.
  • Manage service and inventory levels of raw materials for a global network of production facilities.
  • Ensure key metrics are maintained by managing vendor performance, ensuring on time and in full delivery of purchase orders. Manage purchase order KPIs, customer expectations and support buyers as required.
  • Weekly analysis of MRP system and managing of supply. Manage and reconcile vendor annual quantity contracts in accordance with established protocols. Weekly analysis of MRP system and managing of supply.
  • Systems & Reporting – Process main reports, transactions and queries. Set appropriate product ordering parameters to help optimize supply. Analyze and report on various KPI’s, supporting the Supply Chain Manager – vendor performance, customer claims, billings, Inventory levels, as well as other KPI data extraction, analysis and reporting.
  • Attend standing meetings and support key issues, measures and actions to help manage performance. Monitor and address weekly exception report and service risk issues.


  • Successful candidate must have 2 – 5 years’ relevant work experience.
  • SAP Experience highly desired.
  • Able to communicate well at all levels and high degree of analytical capability.
  • Minimum Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent.
  • Prior work experience in food, drink or similar industry (preferred) and familiarity with dealing with overseas vendors (required).
Craig Drummond
Tech Recruitment
+1 (345) 936 1765 Apply Now

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