Too good to be true? Starting a new job in the Cayman Islands

My name is Phil and I now head up the Finance Recruitment practice at Invenio Global in the Cayman Islands. I recently joined Invenio and here is my story of how I came to be working for the leading recruitment agency in Grand Cayman.

Would I like to come and work in the Caribbean as a recruiter?

Er… Let me think about that for a minute. That’s a strong YES!!

I mean, really there wasn’t much to debate. Do I stay in England, in lockdown, remote working in the middle of winter OR do I find sunshine in the Cayman Islands where there are no Covid-19 restrictions and we can live our lives freely and have a job of recruiting for the top law firms, accountancy firms, and financial institutions, with the leading recruitment agency, Invenio Global? The answer was pretty simple – YES!!! So we made the decision to move from the UK to Grand Cayman in a heartbeat. We were so excited to be making this huge move.

So the journey begins

I took my wife on a final walk-through of London, luckily the heavens didn’t open and we escaped without the trusty British weather failing us! We packed up all our belongings and got ready for the next chapter in our life. It was strange looking at all those boxes and suitcases, thinking, “this is it, all our belongings, all packed up and ready to start our journey.”

Of course I couldn’t forget my trusty golf clubs. I mean, if there is anywhere to play golf, the Caribbean has to be up there with the best!

We were up first thing and set off for London Heathrow airport ready to face the crowds of mask-wearing people. Masks on, we checked all our 876 (!!) bags in and went through security feeling a little lighter. Our time had come and it was ready to board the British Airways plane (via the obligatory quick stop off at Boots and WHSmiths one last time!)

Onto the plane we went, ready for the 12-hour journey ahead of us and looking forward to feeling some warm air at the other side. The plane journey went surprisingly fast after watching a couple of movies and swatting up on island life.

We arrive!

We had landed at Owen Roberts International Airport and it was time to find out if it really was what we had envisioned. As we stepped off the plane, we saw blue skies and felt the sun on our skin…heaven.

We collected our bags and headed to our taxi to find out where we would be in quarantine for the next 14 days. Palm Heights on Seven Mile Beach, I have to say, it wasn’t too shabby!! We had a view of the ocean, which I don’t know if it was more torture than a blessing! We had a nice living room area with sofas and a little kitchenette area with a separate bedroom and bathroom. We were given a phone with a Cayman Islands Government message on saying that we needed to stay home to keep Cayman safe along with a wristband so that they could track us if we were to escape. It did feel like Big Brother was watching us, but for the good of the island, we didn’t mind. We had been feeling locked up like this anyway in the UK for several months, so what are 2 more weeks when we can live without restrictions in the Cayman Islands?!

A beautiful view of Seven Mile Breach from Palm Heights

Freedom…At last

Graduation day came! We had a PCR test and found out later that we were FREE! The feeling that we got when we cut our wristband off was something else! First stop? A beach bar!

We both love our new jobs. Invenio Global has been extremely welcoming from dropping off care packages while I was in quarantine, to taking me out for team lunches and enjoying Friday massage day in the office when we have massage therapists come into the office and set up one of the meeting rooms into a spa!

We are loving this little island and the life that we have and the only thing we wished, was that we had done it sooner!

Was it too good to be true? Definitely not. It’s actually better than we ever imagined!


Invenio Global is a global recruitment agency headquartered in Grand Cayman. You can learn more about Invenio Global here and what we do here. If you want to work as a recruiter for Invenio Global, please get in touch with Alan Brady or myself. If you are looking for a job in the Cayman Islands, Singapore and Europe with any of our fantastic clients please visit our job board here.

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