Making the move to live and work overseas is a big decision and requires careful consideration. There are numerous benefits to an expat life, here are some points to consider and help with deciding if it’s for you.


A move offshore or overseas is often based on improved personal finances. Higher salaries, lower taxation (or tax free if you’re in the Cayman Islands or Dubai!) are key factors, but it’s always wise to bear in mind some locations may also have a higher cost of living. 

On the whole, expats usually enjoy a strong upswing in their personal finances once they have transitioned to a new role and jurisdiction.

Career progression

Whilst the financial implications of a move overseas are a strong driver it is not the only impetus for relocating. Many people we’ve worked with have enjoyed moving up the ladder faster than they would have been able to do in their existing location.

Even if you’re not looking for a rapid ascent, a move to a new location will undoubtedly bring fresh challenges and experiences.


Moving overseas can improve your quality of life, with a better work/life balance. For example, living in the Caribbean for example, your weekends will be transformed into enjoying beach days, boating and watersports.

Long commutes can be a thing of the past, whilst each location offers different opportunities for you to explore.


If you’re planning to relocate with your partner or family we offer a strong level of support and advice where possible. Some of the key factors to think about are: work opportunities for your partner, education, transport, any potential language barriers and the cost of living.

None of these are insurmountable but they do need to be considered.


Most expat destinations are well trodden paths in terms of people relocating, so many others have faced the very same questions you may be asking. Answers are readily available and online research is usually the quickest and easiest method to help you make an informed decision. Expat groups for specific countries on social media can be an invaluable source of practical and useful information. 

Alternatively we would be very happy for you to speak to one of our team, the majority of whom have made the same move as you’re considering, so are well-placed to offer their insights and experience.